Working Artist Ventura (WAV)

With the increasing scarcity of urban landscapes available for development, municipalities are demonstrating a rapidly growing desire for innovative, multi-purpose living/leisure and work spaces that can be designed to accommodate a diverse spectrum of needs. Mixed-use development can offer a wide scope of commercial and residential unit sizes and options with the potential for a unique combination of residential, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses. Increased transportation options and property values are just a few of the numerous benefits posed by these uniquely modern communities.

The WAV Project, or Working Artists Ventura, is a multi-faceted, cutting-edge community designed for artists and creative businesses and a serves as a testament to Associated's ability to successfully manage innovative, Mixed Use contracts from conception to completion. Our projects in this field of development continue to receive critical acclaim that is characterized by our unique vision and commitment to making the most attractive, efficient uses of Mixed Use infrastructure.

To learn more about Ventura's WAV project, please visit Ventura's WAV Project.